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Toronto Grace Health Centre (TGHC) is a 119 bed facility owned and operated by The Salvation Army located in the heart of downtown Toronto. Toronto Grace is renowned for the compassion, clinical excellence and patient centered care we provide. The heart of patient-centred care is recognizing that each person has individualized priorities and goals, and each care plan reflects this. Through understanding and appreciating the complexity of day-to-day life, Toronto Grace provides patient-centered care for individuals with multifaceted chronic diseases who require Complex Continuing Care, Slow Paced Rehabilitation and Palliative Care.

Our Complex Continuing Care (CCC) program serves persons with complex and multiple chronic diseases and functional disabilities who require a wide range of therapeutic services and clinical specialties. The CCC program provides medical management, skilled registered nursing care, as well as therapy, recreation and spiritual services. The program offers care of the individual following a restorative and preventative approach. The Grace offers comprehensive services to support individuals so they may enjoy their community, family and friends.

For More Information: http://www.torontograce.org/s05/01-01.aspx

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